Monday, November 28, 2011

Recover Quickly

On Monday morning there was a big difference from Sunday. I woke up and felt like I had healed during the night. I was still tired and sore, but it was a significant difference.

I felt so good I went to the YW activity on Tuesday. Their moms and one of my friends was there also to help the girls continue on in their skirt project. Mainly I just got to soak in their good cheer. The moms have been excellent at helping out, even though I know they are super busy in their own lives.

Wednesday we went to the doctor to get my drains out. Baby fell asleep on the way into town and so Grandma stayed in the car while I went in. The doctor had emergency surgery that morning and was backed up. The waiting room was packed with mostly patient people. The only anxious ones were an older couple. They thought they were whispering to each other as they commented negatively about the receptionist(she would like us to leave wouldn't she, but no we are staying and waiting)the other patients (what did she say, who cares) and healthcare in general (there wouldn't be an emergency if there were more doctors). I waited and then called to tell Grandma it would still be awhile. Baby kept sleeping. Eventually I got back and they pulled the drains out. I was surprised at how small they were. Much smaller than the ones from the mastectomy. Baby slept all the way back home and woke up as we pulled into the garage.

I was doing well, but that day I realized that there was no way we were leaving home for Thanksgiving. Plus the doctor still banned the lifting of Baby. Gratefully Rex's family was flexible enough to say that if we could not come to Thanksgiving they would come to us. So we started planning.

Then we had an awful windstorm, and half our fence fell down. Sections from each side hurled through our yard as we watched in amazement from the house. That was also the day of the awful fire in Reno, so we were just glad the hurling pieces of fence were not on fire. Our neighbors checked on us. The wind calmed just enough for Grandma to pick the kids up without driving through the wall of blasting sand. Though it took her, L, and C to get the garage door closed.

Saturday we cleaned to house and my husband surveyed the fence damage. Sunday I actually drove to church. My mother-in-law went with me to the special R.S. were they passed out to us our copies of Daughters in My Kingdom. I felt like I could see the end of the pain.

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