Monday, November 14, 2011

Party With Mom

While my mom was up here, and I was waiting we took advantage of the opportunity to spend some non-bad health related time together. I had Baby and then cancer again so fast, even when I went to visit Utah I was sick. I spend way too much time with relatives while at my worst, and not near enough at my best, or even just regular.

We went Christmas shopping, to the youth activity, watched the "Sing Off" on Hulu, and talked, watched me fight with the kids, and so on. Somewhere in there I hope my mom enjoyed herself. I know that all this extra time helped Baby trust my mom.

Then after a harrowing night we found out that Baby had croup and an ear infection. That Sunday I stayed home with her, and my mom got to see L and C practice their Primary Program. Not only that, but she got to hold another even smaller baby(the Primary Secretary's) as well while watching it. In the practice C did his part and several others. L played "I Love to See the Temple" for the Activity Day girl choir, and did her part.

By that Sunday I had seen the doctor again who gave me the full steam ahead for surgery on Tuesday the 8th. My mom's flight was for November 11, and so my husband arranged for reinforcements with his mom. I know I have the extraordinary gift of two grandmas who get along with the two adults who live here and are available to help the children.

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  1. Whether at your worst or not we enjoy spending with you! You are always very witty and it was fun to see you in Utah.