Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday Follow Up

The day after we got home I had a follow up doctor appointment, the kids had off from school and my mom flew home. The doctor said everything looked great. My mom caught her flight, and we were sad. My husband wrangled the kids. Baby did not understand why I did not pick her up, but let my husband carry her around instead.

My mom had cleaned the house before she left, so my husband and the kids just had a few groceries to pick up. I fitfully slept basically sitting up as the rest of the day swirled around.

Two main things helped during this time. The first was the 5k that I did with my friend strengthened my legs. As an unanticipated blessing my strong legs helped me do things that I had been relying on my arms/hands to do. I did not realize how much they could do. My legs were under utilized. Yay for our amazing bodies!

Second of course was my family, but especially my husband. He keeps me on track with the medicine, helped with the drains, and just so much else. L and C also uncomplaining helpers. Baby did her best to keep me entertained.

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