Monday, November 21, 2011

Primary Program

At one time I had said I did not see the need to wear drains to church. If I was that close to having had surgery where they put drains in I would just stay home.

That was before the Primary Program. It was L's last year. She had a talk, and played the piano for the Activity Day Girls song, "I Love to See the Temple." C also had a talk.

So I found some baggy church clothes to fit over the drains and bandages. I took some pain killers, my husband did not go to any meetings, we came in late, and sat in the back. It was a wonderful program of course.

L gave an excellent talk and then walked over to the piano to play for the next song. C was last of his class to talk, and ended up helping his friend right before them with the big words in his part.

I was glad to be there and see them, but also glad when we went home.

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  1. I'm glad you were able to see your children in their Primary Program. I think it's awesome L played for the Activity Day girls. She helps give inspiration when I need to encourage my oldest to practice her piano. Thanks L for being an awesome example for your cousin!