Monday, November 28, 2011

It Takes Time

On Monday I drove and picked the kids up. It seemed as if all the cars were going way too fast. My stomach hurt all day and that night I got sick. I was sick all night long, not comfortable sleeping, and the pain killers left with everything else. On Tuesday I was sick and could not hold anything down. It was miserable, everything hurt. Eventually I realized that it would end, I needed to just wait it out. I thought about all the people/things I was thankful for, I thought about my YW lesson for Sunday(Preparing for Change), I thought about my talk for Sunday (Be humble and follow Christ), and I thought about the people I was thankful for again.

Grandma had to do more that day, and she stepped up to the plate and hit a grand slam. The next day I was feeling better so we started preparing for Thanksgiving with pie and roll making. My husband took me to the doctor that day. He said things were healing up nicely and my husband made sure he knew about me being sick.

Finally he said I could try to pick up Baby. A week early! I did and it hurt some, but not too bad. I tried to be careful and not overdo it, especially while we still had live in help. It was sublime to pick up Baby when she cried.

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