Sunday, November 6, 2011

Follow Up With Oncologist

I had a follow up appointment with my oncologist recently and it went well. I am comparatively healthy.

The week before was crazy time at our house though. The anxiety builds as I get closer to the appointment, so I can barely sit still. On the upside I get a so much accomplished, freezer meals, house is clean, projects completed, help my kids with every little thing. On the downside I do not enjoy the clean house or the meals. I just hug my kids and tell them how much I love them over and over again.

Follow up doctor appointments confuse my kids. C constantly tells people I have had cancer three times. They thought since I was going to the doctor the cancer came back, or I was going to have surgery, or that I was having problems with my hand and arm again, or any variation they can think up. We usually only go to the doctor when we are sick, so follow up appointments do not make much sense to them.

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  1. Do you remember what my oldest told her primary teacher when I went to Texas to see John before he went overseas? She told her teacher I had joined the Army too. It's not exactly the same thing as you having cancer a 3rd time, but still confusion of why I went somewhere or why you went somewhere.