Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Best Primary Program Ever

I was so sick, tired and in pain when I woke up Sunday morning. Both my dad and R had to coax me to take my pills. I went to the Primary Program anyway and my counselors had set up everything by the time we got there. I was tired during the program practice the previous Sundays so I had asked the first kids in each section (I had organized them oldest, middle, and then youngest) to help the younger kids so I didn't have to, and to give them more responsibility. That turned into such a sweet part of the program to see them helping each other and being so unified in all they did. They sang like angels and shared their testimonies (they wrote their own parts.) During the program I felt no pain and was not tired at all. I just enjoyed being among those wonderful, happy, excited, hopeful kids! We have a small Primary (there were 36 kids participating) and every child had a part and if they wanted to sing a solo they could as well. We still ended on time.

C is such a force in the Primary. He had a solo singing part, he gave a thumbs up to everyone on his row who finished a part, his enthusiastic deeper voice stood out as the children sang, and he helped the kids in his section. I love being in Primary with him! Baby waved to us so much, it was adorable.

It was emotional for me to see it come together and seeing those kids shine! I knew that I was exactly where I wanted to be during that time. It was also bittersweet to know that I am not sure how many more opportunities I will have like that. At the end of the program, the Bishop gave closing remarks. He praised the wonderful children and especially how they helped each other. Then he thanked the Primary leaders and told the ward about my medical crisis. After crying about the children, now we were all crying again: the Bishop, my parents, and so on. I was sitting on the stand and seeing everyone cry and mouthing me words of encouragement to me was hard. Maybe they were just saying watermelon over and over, who knows, it looked like encouraging words to me.

So I didn't get translated with the kids during the program. Which was okay because then I conducted in Primary and read all the positive comment cards the congregation had filled out for the kids. After a Primary program, the children are balls of energy that I just soaked up.

Later that night, another one of my aunts and her husband came over to help my dad. It was nice to see them and be reminded again of how selfless and loving they are, and fun too. Also, Sunday continued more outpouring of support from friends and family. I am feeling like this was a great way to begin a week that will be so tough.


  1. Thank you for your blog Jennifer. Remember, pain medicine is for pain, it doesn't make you groggy when it is dosed correctly. Sometimes just for a little while, then it relieves the pain. It is an important part of quality of life. Any time you want things clarified, call, I can research, get information and hopefully assist. This ride will be significantly different than the last two. Always more to experience. Love to all of you.

  2. I wish you could see your NV fan club circling their wagons and coming together for this new rodeo. You are one incredibly loved person! But then, you are one incredible person! I can't say how sorry I am that you and your family are having this experience. I'm so impressed at how you see the beauty in life, even when things get so ugly. God bless!