Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Baby is sitting by me right now

Yesterday was a stream of tests and news. It seemed like after every test the person administering the test said, "Now tomorrow you will feel like someone sucker punched you here." They were right maybe they know a thing or two about cancer at the Huntsman. Here is a list of tests - brain MRI, liver ultrasound, heart ultrasound and liver biopsy. For the liver biopsy I only had Versed (an anti-anxiety not the pain killer too, because I was worried about my reaction to Fentanyl from after the ERCP - they usually give you both.) It made me think the nurse was doing a crossword puzzle, instead of charting my vitals which she laughingly told me when I asked her. When they were done I asked them if there were anymore needles (I thought would do 6 instead of 4). Then said no and then told me I was their favorite patient.

Maybe more - I can't remember because I have chemo brain.Yesterday I had 2 hours (starting at 8pm after a full day) of them trying to stick me and get an iv in. Finally they called in the Air Med crew from the U of U and they got it in during their first try. Jay and Julie in their blue flight suits were our heroes. They invited our kids to come down and get a tour. Then the nurses gave me Epirubicin. The head nurse on my floor and the head night nurse for the cancer center asked for my doctor's name and said they would call them in the morning to start the process for a port or a picc line, so multiple sticks would not be in my future.

Here is a mixed bag of news - they found one spot of cancer on the chest wall and one small spot of cancer on my brain (though they claim there is no visible changes and they will probably treat it with one super shot of radiation, but is not a high priority.) My doctor said my bilirubin level was 5 on Friday, then 7 on Monday, then 5 on Tuesday before chemo. The doctors were intrigued with those results.


  1. I hope they get that picc line or port in soon. Love and prayers coming from Dayton.

  2. Glad the bilirubin was down yesterday. Hope your chemo brain clears quickly this first round. We love you! Prayers fom Grant and Judy