Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bits and Pieces and Breathing

First let me tell you L saw a special early viewing of  "Catching Fire" on Wednesday evening with her dear friend. That was after her NAL (National  Academic League) practice. She came home early enough to be heart attacked by the YW in our ward. She has been trying to find a Christmas dress with my cousin, and finally found one yesterday after doing a fashion show at our house. I think she might be getting the cold that R has. She loves her new room and that Santa Claus has been helping fix all the little things in it like the door knob. He even rescued her one time from a closet that was trying to kidnap her into another dimension.

C has been busy with band practice. His recycled instrument band turned into a real instrument band that was asked to play at the 6th grade Spring Dance. Earlier this week he told us his favorite cookie was pumpkin chocolate chip which surprisingly we had not yet been given. Then his good friend's mom came over and she brought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

On Thursday when I got my haircut by a kind soul, Baby said "Now we are twins!"  Baby also enjoyed running around outside with my cousin, and just playing with her while she was here. It is the best play therapy with those that love you.

The painting continued with my wonderful relatives doing double, triple and quaddruple duty. Plus if you knew my relatives you would know they all bring light and love into my house while they are here. I really appreciate being surrounded by that love all the time.

We meet my daily hospice worker and she has the same name as my youngest daughter and endeared me and Baby both to her. It is very important to me that the hospice workers get along with Baby and my kids. The social worker we met was not so endearing and even when you are hospice you have the right to request a change to someone you feel comfortable with. That is what we are doing.

On Thursday night I had many disturbing hallucinations. So much so that I had a hard time sleeping. My beautiful cousin who teaches restorative yoga came over to guide me in learning some practices. First she helped me take deep breathes while in a certain position. I had pretty much given up on taking deep breaths the rest of my life because the pain was so sharp when I did. I could feel my body rejoicing with those breaths. I almost started crying when I took those first few breaths without pain. In addition she taught me this very effective breathing technique that calms the central nervous system. As she was explaining it I thought of my hallucinations and knew this was what I needed. I used it last night and had sweet dreams.

My cousin's wife brought some delicious homemade soup and bread. When I was at the Huntsman last week I dreamed about homemade soup and bread fearing I would never be able to eat some again. I have eaten this kind woman's tasty food before and it was like an answer to an unspoken prayer when she brought her meals over.

Throughout the day we were worried about my cousin. He is a big strong guy who came and helped with his son on Tuesday, and his wife actually has been the meal coordinator. We finally heard that he was admitted to the hospital and would be having emergency surgery this morning. Our hearts and prayers our with them today.

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