Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friday and Saturday or I danced all night

Last Friday seems forever ago. Time has really sped up. My mom went with me to my oncologist at the Huntsman. We had a wonderful lady who was able to draw my blood the first time. That was an encouraging sign. Then we saw the doctor and we kept waiting for the blood results but we didn't find them out that time. We did schedule a port insertion the following Friday so blood draws would be a thing of the past. We changed meds again and went to the pharmacy. We also got the recipe for the amazing Prune Frappe (1/2 cup milk of magnesia, 1/2 cup prune juice, and 1 cup of high fat ice cream. Blend together and results within 8 hours. Personally I found it to be very effective.) The doctor discussed with us again the discouraging news of the week and again made sure we understood the seriousness of my condition. My in laws had come up and spent time with Baby while we were at the doctor. I also did life story work with Heidi Parker of Memories and Milestones. Then I was exhausted.

My siblings and their spouses and kids drove up that night. The next morning when we woke up my brother (Saint Nick) arranged a few Christmas presents (just like when we were kids) in the front room. It was so fun. Then my siblings brought their kids over to share and laugh and play around. It was so nice, but my medication was not in control and I was in so much pain and so nauseous. I kept getting behind in both both those, but my family accommodated me lying on the couch while the cousins played. My sisters both brought kind thoughtful gifts for my family. We had to cancel family pictures because I was too sick, so my sister in law took a few in the house, and my neighbor took the whole extended family outside the house.That night we had a laser tag war in our backyard. Actually I stayed inside and shot my gun through the window. L and C were running around. Baby was off in the woods in the back and then come running through shooting at everything in sight. My brother stood on the spinning merry go round and fired all around. Then I had requested a dance party so they set up disco balls and dj stuff in our basement, and we danced. It was so much fun and I was so happy to be with the people I love so much. I could only dance one song at a time and then sit out two, but it was so worth it. My dad said a family prayer at the end and we hugged and said good bye. I love my family so much, they did so much to make me happy on such a painful day. They have always been so good to me.

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