Thursday, November 28, 2013

Late Night Wake Up Call

Monday and Tuesday morning were a reminder that I am still very sick. When my aide came over to help I was very willing and needing to have her help me get ready for the day. Her years of experience and gentleness helped me feel comfortable. She had me do what I could and she just calmly and kindly did the rest. We discussed what could be done so I would not have to have a night or morning like that again. Then after tucking me into bed to get more rest, (I was telling L about this later and she said she wanted an aide too.) she went and did stuff for Baby. When my aide does stuff for Baby more so than when other people do stuff for Baby it makes me feel like I am involved in doing it. Baby climbed into bed with me and watched her Kindle until my cousin came. Then Baby happily slid off the bed and went ice fishing in the backyard while I slept more. My mom continued getting the house clean and ready for the holiday as well as other projects, like when I wake up worried we won't find out gloves because they are all still packed away. Baby came in and we had lunch together and a nice visit with the cousin before she went to go play with her girls.

L and C came home from school and my dear Primary Presidency brought us dinner again. My favorite time of day is snuggle talk time when all my kids are home. Later that night my cousins came over, and I loved seeing them again! I like to visit while I still can. One small kindness that I really appreciated is beforehand I had told them what time I usually go to sleep after my last meds of the day. Without me even asking they kept track of the time and excused themselves.

There are so many things that I am grateful for that come at the right time. For example, last Saturday Baby was really wanting to play with me and I was really needing to lay down. The doorbell rings and there is a craft kit from Minnesota. Baby opens it and we look at it and see what we need to do. Then C, his cousin, and Baby finish the craft kit (shadow puppets and kalidescope?) while I rest in my bed. They also plan a play with the shadow puppets. They come in my room and I get to hold the flashlight on the wall while they do their play. Yay, a fun creative activity I can help with but not very demanding time or energy wise. Things like that happen so often - I am grateful for those helping out our family in so very many ways.

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