Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sunday or some new clowns come to town

I was actually a little surprised I woke up on Sunday, because I got really sick after my family left and was so  beyond tired. C and L went and helped out with the shortened Primary Program our ward did at the life care center. My ward really helped my kids be able to have that opportunity. It was important to me that they did because I knew my grandma had enjoyed church services when she was in the hospital so many years ago. My family came through to say goodbye, and I started my pain, tired, nausea dance again. My in-laws came to go to church with us and my aunt B and cousin from CA came over. I really wanted to go to church to sing the songs and to take the sacrament, so R helped me get ready. I loved sitting in church with my family, I loved singing the songs, and I loved taking the sacrament. I almost did not make it through all of sacrament meeting, but after it was over my aunt took me home and helped me so much. The biggest immediate effect was the med chart and helping me realize that round the clock meds would improve the quality of my life. She also helped talk to the whole family about the seriousness of my condition and the importance of comfort  care. She gave R and I some options and some things to talk to the doctor about it.

Then my aunt and uncle came. My aunt B reviewed the med chart with aunt L. My father in law left a blessing before they left. Monday morning my cousin M and her husband S(who basically quietly worked painting 14-16 hour days until he had to go home) came over and all those relatives began the intricate dance of laundry, dishes, Baby care, my med care (my aunt L would set her alarm and come wake me a few times in the night to make sure my pain and nausea were under control.), FHE lesson, running L and C around and repainting my whole house. If it sounds like a miracle, it was a miracle to watch. More relatives came over, even if they were battling their own troubles they came to help. One of my aunts is one we all just are sure she is coming though noone is ever sure when she will be there. She has a calming influence on everyone and is aunt Baby can easily recognize.

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