Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Amazing Children

Monday and Tuesday were necessary but difficult days. Wednesday I had an emotionally hard morning, but my mom and Baby were here to cry with me. Then my aunt/personal secretary (I can not express how grateful I am for her so lifting so much of my burden) and my cousin's wife came over and we got some things planned and done. Also yesterday we started getting packages from our wonderful family and friends.

I love talking to people in a honest loving way. It helps me even if it is hard things to talk about. One thing I shared with them was this video.

This week has been very outwardly undignified for me and I have needed help with things that I had hoped to always be able to do myself. My family yesterday helped me realize that no matter how much assistance I might need with the very basic activities of daily living that dignity comes from within. That it is part of our divine nature.

Of course later that same day another aunt sent me a song about how my family will be here for me through it all - the dancing and the crying.

My relatives also cleaned some things and helped me get the paint for the big paint project though the customer service in the Lowes left much to be desired.

My mom took me to C's parent teacher conference where I refused to sign the parent contract stating I would help with his homework and send him to school and all that. She understood. She was extolling his good qualities kind, responsible, brilliant, and she was using her folder of his collected work show me. His teacher then talked about a interview that he had done with me the night before. I said, "What, let me see that." C said, "Remember we talked about it on phone." He filled out his interview paper by filling in the story I told my kids about Nurse Sam. We were laughing and laughing at his resourcefulness. Also in his class they have been having Battle of the Bands with their recycled instruments (like from milk jugs and tissue boxes). The teacher told us that his group you could actually tell they were playing a song "Smoke on the Water" and that were really good. He is so amazing. I love being his mom.

R and I went to see L at YW in Excellence. She was in the the group presentation and she presented individually about her knowledge value project, and played the piano for the opening song. She made a digital scrapbook for her grandma about the grandkids. She seems to have sort of missed the awkward junior high stage. She has such poise and grace to go along with her talent and beauty. She is wonderful older sister and a good example to the younger kids and me too. I told R we needed to stay until she was done hanging out with her friends. R is such a good support for the kids too. He is knows what is going on not just in C's Scouts but her Personal Progress too.

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  1. Of course your kids are fabulous look who their parents are! You have always been a great example of kindness and service. I love you:)