Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chemo two days later

This morning was a good learning experience. I knew that since it was two days after chemo that it would be a physically difficult day. It started out nice saying prayers with my family before the kids went to school. Then Baby climbed gently into bed with me and we went back to sleep. Baby woke up and I sent her downstairs with my mom. I knew I needed to get some anti nausea meds in me. So I had my mom help with that, and then she cleaned up after I threw up anyway. Baby was sort of having a I want my mommy to do everything for me kind of morning. My mom helped me to be a mom to Baby. I thought the pain was just in my stomach, but I think need to remember to take my pain pills with the anti nausea to really help my stomach settle down. Also take the anti nausea in the night. With all those pills I took a nap and basically woke up in time to see C come home from school. So not much visiting today. My mom has been here on rough chemo days before and just kept the house going and even did some ironing. I am feeling okay and know that this has always been the roughest day during my chemo cycles.

Also the CA relatives have arrived in Utah, and hope to be able to see them sometime. Not just for me, but I know that my CA born husband would love to see them as well.

Thanks for your support packages and calls and comments and texts. Even if I don't reply I am still glad to know you are there for me and my family.

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  1. You are such a hero to me! I love how you have such a positive attitude even when shocking and terrifying news changes your life. You roll with it and soldier on. And still find ways to serve and lift others. You really are one of God's greatest daughters!!! I'm sorry you had such a sickly day. I wish I could take some of your suffering from you.