Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning

We spent a good part of Spring Break deep cleaning all the kids rooms and the three bathrooms. I knew it would be hard to go through Baby's things. It is always hard for me to accept that they are growing up, and since she is our last, that we will not need 3 to 6 month clothes anymore.

What I was not expecting was how difficult it was to deep clean my bathroom. We still had so many cancer treatment related paraphernalia. Some items I was glad to toss, other things I was sad I still needed to keep. Beyond the cancer things there were various items bringing up all different responses. All those headbands my husband got me last time my hair was coming back in, it was hard to believe I will need them for the same reason. There were so many different hair things and other bathroom products, that I either do not need now, but may in the future or I do not need now and will probably never need again.

A separate category was things I was happy to get rid of now, but know that I will need later this year when I have my reconstruction surgery. Mostly deep cleaning was a good feeling of getting to a new normal. My bathroom though was like mocking me for not being normal, and not getting to be normal anytime soon. That is assuming that I was ever normal, which my siblings may take issue with, and that there is even a normal, which I know there is not.

After we were done with that cleaning I decided to focus on anything but cleaning for the next few days. C and Baby had other plans, as he was sick with a cold, and her cold led to her throwing up. More cleaning, but at least this time with more love and less mocking.

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  1. Sorry Jen, I hate cleaning under the best of circumstances. You're brave to use spring break that way.