Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby's Doctor with the kids

I took Baby for her doctor appointment this last week. L and C came with me. Every time the doctor would ask me something about Baby they would answer. When the doctor asked about her crawling, L and C expounded on her ability to crawl whichever way and at whatever speed was best for the situation was in. She could crawl fifty different ways before breakfast and then teach a master class on crawling before lunch, according to them. Her speech was the same way in their eyes, she knew multiple words which she used at exactly the right time. In fact she was currently teaching L how to spell words with Greek roots correctly. How great to have such supportive siblings.

My version of her development was not as advanced. She is healthy and is progressing. Often people ask if Baby is doing this or that, I say she's not and then explain about her delay due to her response to a stressful family situation. Always then the person asking gives me proof of Baby's greatness and how anyone saying otherwise needs to be horse whipped. I then say how she is the last child and we are okay she is acting like a baby longer than our other kids did. This shift in the conversation gives the other person room to talk about how their child/niece/nephew/younger sibling was delayed and is still an awesome person.

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  1. I know this baby girl will surpass them all! Look who she has to teach her stuff. More than just mommy and daddy, she has awesome L and way over the top C pulling for her. She can't help but become "Super baby". I love you all. thanks for the posts....