Friday, May 27, 2011


In this video during the line, "And so my needs are great," they show a women with a head scarf. I got a little thrill at seeing that. It is sort of like when L sees girls in The Friend magazine with glasses on.

It also reminded me of the ability of songs to give comfort. I lean towards "Lead Kindly Light", "I Need Thee Every Hour"(a family favorite), "Come Thou Fount", "Amazing Grace", and Primary songs about family. It is hard to imagine my life, especially recently, without music. I am grateful for the music my kids play on the piano, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir cds my relatives send me, the opportunity I had to learn part of the Living Christ set to music, carpool singing, girls' camp songs, Sesame Street and baby songs, and all the other music in my life.


  1. This video was produced by the brother of two of my good friends. Their family is featured in several of the photos. I noticed the head scarf too.

  2. One song I really like is the Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus) by Chris Rice. It has been one I've hung on to a lot lately. Here's the link on youtube

    I also love Beautiful to Him. Here is the link for that one.