Friday, April 29, 2011


In August 2005 President Hinckley asked the members of the church to read the Book of Mormon before the end of the year. That year was the first time that I had cancer and more importantly for this challenge, chemo brain. It was arduous, but I did it. There were many reasons, but one was that it was a rare opportunity.

On December 1, the day after my first chemotherapy treatment, the R.S. President in my ward encouraged the sisters to memorize the Living Christ before Easter. I did not attend that meeting, but I heard about it. The first thought to cross my mind was, "Oh no again, why is it only when I have chemo brain that there are these sort of challenges." I decided that I would try, but really had no hope that I would be able to. I still thought there would be value in becoming better acquainted with that document even if I did not memorize it.

It was too overwhelming to even look at it all at once for me. I knew it was a Faith Value project so I looked for aids online. There were some memorization cards to print out, so I did. I talked to the R.S. President again (when you have cancer the R.S. President calls you often to check on you) and she told me about her memorization process. After talking with her I thought how great it was that she was able to memorize it. Then I went to see the oncologist again. As I was driving home I realized that I fully expected that the Lord would help me through cancer, I could also pray and ask for His help to memorize the Living Christ.

Thus began my next arduous journey. I looked at the cards (12 in all) that I had printed out and slowly began to memorize. Every time I had chemotherapy I would get behind of course, but not as much as I expected. I put the cards in my diaper bag and would look at them when I was waiting (for the kids after school, at the doctor, and so on).

One of my friends taught me about eighth notes. After she taught me about them I saw them everywhere. I could not believe that those things I had only vaguely understood to be related to music, had names, and a purpose, and were all over the page when I sang hymns or other songs. The same thing happened when I started memorizing the Living Christ. Everything seemed to be related to one sentence or another of the Living Christ. Those phrases ran through my head all the time. My experience and other blessings that came from memorizing far exceeded my expectations.

The last sentence in the Living Christ is "God be thanked for the matchless gift of His divine son." As I approached Easter I felt the truth of those words.


  1. I believe because of your ever enduring faith and willingness to follow the council of your leaders, the Lord has blessed you. You are one awesome lady, and a great example to your kids!

  2. I was very touched by this post. I hope you don't mind, but I copied part of it to use with my seminary class.

  3. I don't mind Aunt Jill. Better this one than the May 8th one.