Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chemotherapy and Maragaritas


With Cinco De Mayo this past week I heard many people talking about margaritas. I had adrimyacin the first time I had chemo. It is not put in an i.v., like many chemo drugs, instead it is given by nurse in syringe. The nurses that I had would call it the margarita shot, or for me (after they found out I had small kids) the Kool-Aid shot. Those same nurses would also preach against the danger of drinking dehydrating alcohol while undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Other alcoholic drinking related terms were often casually thrown around then and now.

The Benadryl I take before chemo would cause me to feel buzzed.
Day 3 of chemo I would wake up feeling wasted, plastered, or like the worst hangover ever.
We could pick our poison for the side effect drugs.
The chemo room full of patients receiving treatment was Happy Hour.

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  1. I just read this today. I remember when my aunt was going through chemo her nurses used to say it was Happy Hour. I actually found it fascinating to watch in so many ways. All the different medicines. All the pretty colors. It as just kinds of amazing to see how each person was treated so differently depending on their type of cancer, the stage, their body chemistry, etc.