Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sisters' Day

With L, C, and Baby we celebrate Sisters' Day the 2nd Monday after Mothers' Day. Brothers' Day is the 2nd Monday after Father's Day. L asked about Sisters' Day and I told her I was too stressed out to think about it, and we could celebrate it in the summer. Then my sister called and asked if L was excited about Sisters' Day because this would be the first year Baby and L would share it. After that I decided I could do the celebration this year. We marked Sisters' Day on May 16, and then began the preparations.

In addition to calling my sisters, I also celebrated the day by my signature on the release form for further genetic testing for the breast cancer study I am in. The release form had a place for my signature or the person responsible for my estate. I was glad I could sign it, though I know my husband would sign it if he had to. He knows I would do anything to help others understand more about cancer, especially the risk for my sisters.

I like how at the end Paul Goodfellow talks about how studying the rare events (like early onset breast cancer) can help with more general problems.

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  1. I like when he mentions the rare events are VERY helpful to the research.