Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Mental Health Professional

A few months ago I was tired of being tired. Baby was still not sleeping through the night and my husband was incredibly busy at work. Right after chemo I would walk oh so slowly with different friends a few times a week. When it was too cold, which it often was, I would walk on the treadmill. Then I did a modified Couch to 5k program on it the last 9 weeks of school. On alternate days I would still walk either at baseball games/practice or with friends. It helped me deal with the stress and I think it helped me face the day with more energy. Also it is something good for my body, which I so appreciate (my body that is).

You can see a few things in the picture. I lost my mp3 player so my husband gave me his. I would exercise when Baby would take a nap, instead of do the laundry or the other thousand things I could of done. I put her baby monitor on the treadmill and she slept through almost every time I exercised. L's comment one time when she saw me after I exercised was, "I thought only lumberjacks sweat that much!" Where she is seeing sweaty lumberjacks I do not know. I also would never wear a scarf while exercising. I like to think it helped my hair grow back thicker.

I am still tired but it not as bad as it was before and I know that it will get better.


  1. Good for you, building your body back up. It can be so tricky exercising with a little one--seems like something usually has to be sacrificed. I'm doing a Couch to 5K right now. Hope things are slowing down for the husband!

  2. Hey Jeni, keep on moving! I'm sure your hair will grow in faster as you keep up the exercise. Melissa was doing the couch to 5K as well. Stephanie and Nicholas are running a 5K tomorrow in Live Oak. From the high school to the river and back. How is it having your husband around a little more. Are you going scarfless in public yet? Love you!