Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Parent Teacher Conferences

My children have done pretty well at school in the past. Their last parent teacher conference was right after the mastectomy. I can't really remember anything from it except that C's teacher held Baby the whole time during his. Then she walked us over to L's and made Baby giggle, and then L's teacher tried and Baby got mad.

For this one I only took Baby, and C and L were partying with their friends. (After the conferences the party moved to our house and then another house until 10:30pm.)

C's teacher appreciated his sensitivity, and his ability to rise to academic challenges. He still has problems rushing through his work. She said C has been very open about his hard days and the class has been sort of his support group.

L's teacher talked about how well she does academically, and some advice for getting prepared for junior high. L did some amazing things this year, more amazing to me considering all that was going on at home.


  1. I love how time gives us more perspective than when we are in a moment. I'm glad the kids are doing well. Are they doing "Star testing this week?

  2. You guys are amazing parents so it's not a surprise to hear L and C are doing so well! That's neat to think C's class is part of his support group, when there's so many stories about bullying on the news and online it's good to hear of the support.