Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Parent Teacher Conferences Part II

As I talked to the kids' teachers they had questions about our family. C has apparently discussed every letter or item he received during the cancer treatments with his class.

The conversation with his teacher went something like this:
C mentioned an aunt sent a box of stuff
Which stuff
This and that
That was my cousin, but she is like an aunt to my kids
Oh I thought C said his aunt sent this, that, and the other thing
This was sent my aunt, that was sent by my cousin, the other thing was sent by my sister-in-law
It is nice you have a supportive family. C did say one of his aunts had something with cancer, so it is great they understand
(Then I try to explain the myriad of ways cancer has affected all my aunts, my cousin, and other members of my family. She refused my offer of the family medical spreadsheet I compiled - Just kidding)

C also mentioned the letters as well. Both kids would tell their teachers and others at the school when grandma came and when grandma left. L also talked to her teachers is a more private way about the support she was receiving from her aunts.

Based on my conversations with them, I am sure both teachers would give the various Aunts and grandmas an A+++ this school year in terms of support. I know that I would as well.

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