Monday, April 11, 2011


Every year the youth (and their support people) in our ward do a fundraiser to earn money for Scout and Girls' Camp. They thatch and aerate lawns for homes in our ward boundaries on a Friday night and Saturday all day. More than 2/3 are friends and neighbors of members. It is a very physically demanding fundraiser. I have helped in the past, but this year due to my recovering health, Baby, (L & C wanted to go help), and my husband working an insane amount of time, my involvement was limited to phone calls.

They went out this last chilly weekend. It had already been postponed once, so the weather bar was lowered to - snow is okay as long as it does not stick. Beforehand one of the others in YW had suggested the girls wearing matching bandanas while they work. I thought it was a unifying idea so I told her where to get cheap bandanas.

I found out after church on Sunday that the other leaders had gotten pink bandanas for the girls and gave them pink ribbons to wear while they worked in my honor. They had more ribbons than they needed and so they gave the rest to the YM to wear as well. There was a little miscommunication, everyone thought someone else had told me ahead of time.

I was surprised and humbled when I heard. It amazed me that they would even think to do that since there a million different little parts that have to be addressed to help the fundraiser go smoothly.

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  1. Everyone loves you! No surprise to me that they would want to honor you. You are the best! Hope your hair is coming back and then you will be free of head coverings again.