Monday, April 18, 2011

Fashionable Scarves

C had some baseball games last week. Each parent on his team is supposed to take a turn in the Snack Shack. I volunteered for this last Saturday. Another mom who is a very experienced volunteer said she would do it with me. The team mom also had her teenage daughter come in and help during the busy times. Perhaps this is because they know I am still recovering from chemotherapy and need all the help I can get in the fast paced Snack Shack environment. The people we were relieving showed me where items were stored and so on. The teenage girl in the earlier shift told me she thought my headscarf was cute.

My clothes are mainly utilitarian, not fashionable or trendy, just comfortable and not show too many stains. My daughter L is getting a much better eye for fashion than I ever had. I do try to coordinate my headscarves to my clothes, but not much beyond that.

I have found the secret way to get people, even fashionable teenage girls, to compliment me all the time. That is to lose my hair and wear head scarves. Everyday some nice kind person compliments my scarf. Sometimes Baby and I will be wearing the same color head covering, since I like pink and that just multiples the number of times people will compliment.

Also on Saturday I found out one of the other moms is named Jennifer. I thought that was interesting until I thought it all the way through. A woman who has two children the same age as my two older children has the same name as I do. She is probably close to my age, and spent her childhood in classes known as one of the many Jennifers, perhaps the most common name of our age group. It would be more surprising if one of the other moms was not named Jennifer.

One of my favorite Jennifer songs


  1. Kind of like the name Sarah. There are at least 28 of those. It's a good thing we have those cool middle names to complement our common first names, Jennifer Joy!

  2. Sarah never really went out of style either. Cool middle names do help, Sarah Jean!

  3. Wait... You have a middle name now? And it's Joy? Very nice, in fact super de dooper.