Sunday, March 27, 2011


This week we got our acceptance letters for Camp Kesem. When we first broached the subject with our children, they were apprehensive. One of them even said, "Why are you trying to send us away?!"A few more winter months of indoor activities has led to to a different response. Now they are more happy and glad to go. L is anxiously awaiting the packing list, and C is wondering how he should act when he is there.

Baby is looking forward to visiting her relatives the week her siblings are at camp. I am arranging for more rounds of swimming lessons before we go. My husband is pretty sure his job will have slowed down by then. We are all excited to go and thankful for this opportunity for our kids.


  1. Camp Kesem! Yahoooooo. That will be a fun week for them and a long week for you. When is it? You plan to stay in Utah the whole week they are there? Are you still drinkinf lots of water to help flush your system? My visiting teaching companion just went through a masectomy last week. She had an allergic reaction to something and broke out with a rash all over the same side of her body where the masectomy was. She was going to find out today if she is going to have to go through chemo. I am praying she doesn't have to. I miss visting with you. I hope you are doing well...

  2. I'm behind the times on my computer reading--having been down all through March--so I just saw this. Congratulations on going to camps, kids. I think you'll have fun and be an asset to their whole program!