Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blood pressure and other adventures

I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and he said to email him if I had any questions. So I talked and researched and talked some more to my husband and family about the next step for in reconstruction. C assured me that staying in the hospital longer would be fine, they are getting used to it, and eventually they will be okay if I stay there all the time. I appreciate that he was trying to be encouraging, but I told him we are trying to get to less hospital stays not more. L said I could pay her and she would cook dinner the whole time. After talking and researching I emailed some questions to the doctor and then based on those answers I emailed a few more.

Then the doctor's secretary called me and said she was scheduling another appointment to go over the questions. I told her what we had decided to do surgery wise, barring any complications. We tentatively scheduled a latissimus dorsi flap on the right side for right after Christmas.

Even after that decision I still went to my question appointment. My paperwork seems to like to hide.  They wanted me to fill out the first time paperwork again, and they still did not have my records from my old doctor. I have called my old doctor, they have called, and after this appointment I called again. After I fought the power of paperwork, they took me back. My blood pressure in my left arm was 96/70 and then again 96/70 and then the nurse was a little worried and she got another nurse to double check my blood pressure. This time it was 104/70. I usually have low blood pressure. They made note on my chart now. One of my dear cousins also had low blood pressure, and probably others in my family as well. When she was pregnant with her first child her blood pressure went up, but was still in the normal range, but high for her. Then it went higher and she had to have the baby early and all that fun stuff. I just remember her complaining about them not taking her seriously when her blood pressure went from low to normal.

Many of my questions related to how my surgery will affect my family, lifting restrictions, hospital stay length, and so on. The great thing was when I asked those questions, the doctor answered them in how they relate to my family, because he remembered (checked my chart at least) I had kids and could see how things affecting me, affected my family.

I did not realize that school started and was unprepared for the crazy traffic on the way to the appointment. To get to the cancer institute you have to drive past many of the University of Utah's buildings. I was very grateful for the parking garage and patient parking permit

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