Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Onocologist and BRCA1 & BRCA2 & p53 - Now I know my ABCs

I met with my new oncologist at the end of August before school started. She listened to my long medical history, asking questions, and then discussed, while writing down, some options for genetic testing for me. The doctor explained what a positive or negative result of each test would mean for me, for my children, and for my siblings. 

In my medical history monologue, I brought up the expanded BRCA1&2 test. I had read about it at the Siteman Cancer Center site here. I had considered getting the test redone in NV, but it was far, my kids were younger, I was more tired, and so on.

Then she discussed with me P53, aka, the tumor suppressor protein. In looking at my medical history and my family medical history, she thought I might be a viable candidate for a mutation in P53. Which is bad if you tumor suppressor protein is mutated, because then it lets tumors get out of control. 

Before I left I made an appointment with the genetic counselor, though I still think I was just the lucky one to get cancer, and there is no reason to it.

P53 (wikipedia commons)

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