Monday, August 13, 2012

I was just eating breakfast with my kids

At the school my children used to attend, they had a Moms and Muffins breakfast. I was sitting with C and Baby talking with friends when a teacher came over to talk to me. She is not a teacher my kids have had, though I had heard she was an excellent teacher. She came over to thank me for all the help I had given her. Since I had barely stepped foot in the school last year, let alone help this teacher, I thought she was mistaken. I told her I was sorry, she must of thought I was someone else.

She was not mistaken, she knew who I was, and she said that many of the people who had helped her (she had breast cancer treatment) had told her they talked to me first (I remember some of them) about what to do to help her. I was humbled that she would thank me for that, especially because I felt it was so little, and I knew many others who had done so much. We talked about treatment and prognosis and all the other stuff in our shared language of cancer shorthand.

Life surprises me.

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