Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camp Kesem Yay!

L and C enjoyed Camp Kesem again. Baby enjoyed a week without competing for her mother's attention. They have theme days - pirate, Harry Potter, Superhero, and wild west. Both of them had fun choosing items to wear on those days. The good thing about having a mom who wore many scarves is that there are so many options for days like pirate, or wild west.

It sounded happier and rowdier this year. The stories L and C told sounded like insane fun chaos. Both of them liked the cabin chats(end of the day talks about your feelings) better this year. They thought they were much less depressing. Besides the talent show, ropes course, basketball, swimming, fishing, night time steal the flag, crafts and other fun activities they have an empowerment ceremony. All the campers and counselors get together and cry, I mean the kids have an opportunity to share what is in their hearts, and own their stories. Not surprisingly the focus is usually on how cancer has affected their lives through the death or illness of one of their primary caregivers.The wonderful thing is they are explaining how they feel to others who understand, who they don't have to explain the cancer shorthand to. 

I miss them while they are gone. It is rejuvenating for them to go and be among the amazing volunteer counselors and other kids. It is also good for that time to be set aside to focus on the cancer feelings. I think it makes it easier to deal with at other times.

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful program! How great for them and you:)