Monday, August 13, 2012

New Doctors

We moved, which meant I did not have my final reconstruction surgery in June. Changing doctors is time consuming. My old oncologist gave a recommendation for my new oncologist and cancer center which was good. It was funny to me when my new cancer care coordinator kept trying to figure out which cancer center I used before. Instead I had let her know I was my own cancer care coordinator and I used whichever doctors/office staff I felt the best about.  I gave them names and telephone numbers. Then the care coordinator had her baby early and I had to start all over again with a new coordinator. I finally got appointments with the plastic surgeon and oncologist. When I went to my first appointment, he did not have any of my previous information. What?! Those 25 phone calls where I was trying to keep Baby quiet and L and C from fighting and still my medical history did not make it to my doctors. On the way out I gave them the business cards from my doctors, so they could try again.

I felt good about the appointment, though there were a few unexpected complications. My next surgery will be a multiple day hospital stay and multiple week recovery. Even typing that reminds me how much I wish the surgeries were over.

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