Thursday, June 30, 2011

Real Age vs Chemo Age vs Wii Sports Age

First my real age is 34. I am glad for all my 34 years. I often have problems with people thinking I am younger than I am. Even when I was chemo sick and bald wearing a scarf, which I thought made me look older.

I was talking with my husband about how every year of chemotherapy treatments ages you 10 years. Here is one article about it. We were discussing how my chemo age is now 54 and since women live longer than men, my husband and I might die around the same time. Maybe at this moment you are thinking "Wow - fun times at their house." On Tuesday the other YW leaders and I were chatting about this and I said, "I have become a cougar in the course of my marriage. My husband married a young wife who is now much older than him." He does not seem to mind.

My kids heard the age discussion and suggested we try the Wii sports age test. I thought I would get a much older age, as I rarely play the Wii, I have a bad arm, I am old, I am easily distracted and so on. I did poorly on most of the skills tests, but very well on the bowling section (my nephew who thinks he is the undisputed champion will have to watch out). My Wii sports age is also 54. Now I am a believer in the validity of that test. So my new course of action is to stop seeing my doctor and just keep taking that test until I can get my Wii sports age down to 34 or whatever actual age I happen to be at the time. I think it will really work out well, or not.

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  1. We will have to come and visit so you two can face off in the bowling.