Sunday, March 27, 2011

It is the little things

I have been cutting my nails short and painting them dark and glittery. This is to hide the fact that the fingernails have separated from the nail beds in some places. Every time I use my fingernails to peel something, I think "Am I giving up my fingernail to get this price tag off?" My children with their glorious firmly attached nails are my helpers.

Baby likes to pull hair. It is not really a problem for me, mainly just for the unsuspecting ladies in our ward. She looks at them and smiles, they lean close - captivated by such an adorable baby, and faster than you would think she reaches out and pulls. Also surprisingly, most of them let her keep doing it. She sometimes fingers the back of my scarf like a she would a blanket. But no, hair pulling has not been a problem for me.

C keeps thinking that I have had cancer three times. He gets confused when I tell people that I have had cancer twice, because he still feels like we are in the middle of cancer. We keep discussing it, about once a week. After we talk I think he understands, and then he will say something about cancer three times again. Maybe when he does not feel like we are in the middle of it will it be easier to comprehend.

Baseball practice has started. There is a mom of one of the other players who reminded me at this last practice that we knew each other already. I met her last time I had cancer and L was doing ballet with her daughter. She looked familiar but C has done baseball a few years. I just thought I had seen her around. Chemo brain is just another good reason to be nice to everyone, because you might be friends with them without remembering.

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  1. I love the look of my hair after one of the grandkids combs it with their fingers. When Nicholas was little he would suck his thumb and run his fingers through my hair. I wore a lot less hairspray at that time. Abbie will do it sometimes too but not anything like Nicholas.