Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another in a long line of follow up visits

I saw my doctor again this week. He said I am still healthy, and should start getting more energy and hair back in about two months. At the end of the visit he started talking about a proposed screening regimen my daughters should begin when they are 18 (10 years before I was first diagnosed).

Looking back, I can see how it is nice that he is concerned about my whole family. It was kind that he recognized the importance of my children and their health to me.

At the time though it was too much for me to think that not only does my having cancer negatively impact their life now, but also in the future whether I have another recurrence or not. I tried to talk about how going on the high risk screening plan has worked out for my younger sisters (not that well considering they have been pregnant or nursing most of the last five years). He was trying to be as gentle about it as possible and I was trying to deny the fact that my daughters may have a higher risk of getting breast cancer. In the end I said I was going to try not to think about it for the next 5+ years until I had to, and hope in the meantime cancer was cured.

So of course that was all I could think about on the hour drive home.

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