Monday, September 24, 2012

Shooting the Moon

I read an article last week about MD Anderson's Moon Shots Program. 

Instead of putting a man on the moon they are trying dramatically affect the survival rate of different cancers -lung, prostate, melanoma, leukemia (CLL), leukemia (AML, MDS), and breast &ovarian.

When I saw they were targeting breast and ovarian, I assumed they would be focusing on the more common hormone positive breast cancer, instead of the more rare and deadly triple negative. I was wrong they are focusing on triple negative breast cancer. 

While I am glad they are focusing on my specific type of cancer, it is crazy how cancer research gets funded. It is a high stakes game with real lives in play. I know it is not necessarily zero sum, where a dollar on one cancer means a dollar less for another type of cancer. Still medical research is not driven by goodwill. It makes my heart hurt thinking about it.

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