Monday, January 30, 2012

3rd and 4th Expansion

The third expansion bothered me, because I had to wait forever while my kids (who were still out of school) were being watched. There was no emergency the doctor had to attend to, but a lot of patients who yelled and came in whenever they wanted to see the doctor. It was not physically more painful, it just made me weary.

For the fourth expansion my kids were out of school again. I was sick the whole week up to this day, so I was more tired and subdued when I went to the doctor. I cleaned the house ahead of time, because I usually see the doctor on the day we do whole house cleaning. It is uncomfortable to move my arms that much after the expansion.

My doctor said he no longer uses his wheat bag. His kids found it, use it, and will not give it back to him. My nurse is still enjoying hers.

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