Thursday, December 8, 2011

Every Little Bit

Usually our holiday season is fairly fast paced. This year, like last year, is slower. I slow things down. We only do what we feel we can't live without doing. L and C put up the Christmas tree, but most of the other holiday decorations are staying in the box. I was not sure if we would do holiday goodies, but my in-laws left all these juicy persimmons who were calling to me to make persimmon bread. I have never made persimmon bread, but it sounded delectable.

I had too many mornings waking up tired and sore. To help alleviate that we moved Baby back to our room. We all sleep better now. Having her closer makes it easier to respond to her more effectively at night. For example, now we do not have to stumble across the house to see that by the time we get to her she has gone back to sleep. Everyone is still very accepting of my
non-energetic state.

I can tell that I am doing the opposite of wearing down, I am wearing up. Maybe not as much as I thought, because I cannot think of the opposite phrase of wearing down. My husband told me there is scientific proof for chemo brain now. I think the first two sentences of this paragraph are scientific proof.

Last year we had a wonderful scriptural/musical Advent calendar, but the papers were much too big for the drawers. This year I had enough energy to reformat the slips of paper much smaller. So a tiny improvement over last year.

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