Friday, December 30, 2011

Second Expansion

I went on December 23 for my second expansion appointment. I brought with me a present for the doctor and nurse; rice bags. L was making rice hand warmers so I made some large rice bags as well instead of wheat bags. My doctor and nurse gladly received them, asking again what the directions were for heating them up, telling me about their numerous aches and pains (they are both older than me), showed them to others in the office and then having me wait while they hid them in their offices. Then they injected the saline and asked me how it felt. I said it felt like a rice bag on my chest, and they laughed, because now they understood what that meant.

Before they started the procedure, my cell phone rang, and because I was high off the ground reclining, half dressed, the nurse picked my purse up and offered my cell phone to me. I told her I was sorry it rang, I forgot to turn it off, and I did not think I needed to answer it right then. She said it was no problem and I could answer it or call them back if I wanted I so desired. She worried it might be an emergency with my kids. I said I would be sure to call back as soon as we were done and I was able to help. Then we discussed our Christmas plans.

There was very little pain this time. Just some skin stretching the day of the procedure. Overall it was a fairly pleasant experience.

The rice bag experience reminded me of the original wheat bag I obtained. My cousin made it for me at a Homemaking/Enrichment meeting at BYU that I did not attend. In fact I cannot think of any Enrichment meetings I attended while at school. The planners of those meetings I am sure did not think that many years later I would be using the same idea to make something for my breast reconstruction doctor and nurse. They really had no idea of their impact.

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