Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So Many Choices

My husband and I talked about what color or type of sleeve I would pick out, maybe a pink one, or perhaps a nice pattern. We thought our choices would be like the ones at this website - Lympedivas

Instead the rehabilitation therapist was glad my arm was a regular size and could fit me one off the shelf. It was the ever popular Jobst.

He told me to wash it in baby shampoo which I already have of course for Baby. Then he showed me how to put it on. There are special things to use or ways to put it on, but I found it easy to do and so did not bother with anything else.

He took measurements of my hand and fingers for the glove. This therapist reiterated what the other therapist said which is that it easier to fit a compression on an arm that is close in size to what you want it to be.

I found both to be sweaty in my active lifestyle and took the glove off several times a day to change diapers, and other baby care activities. L and C asked why I did not just wear Under Armour. C even tried to let him wear it, telling me he was too cold and needed my sleeve. That just amazed me. Baby would rub her hands on it, and sometimes put them under the edge of the sleeve and grab it like a blanket.

Another aspect that I did not expect in wearing the compression garments is how often I shared information about them. There are many, many people who put off going to the doctor and just live with the swelling they have, due to money constraints, lack of insurance and so on. I ended telling people some online places, what brand I had, the amount of compression I used (20-30) as opposed to the other types of compression, and let them feel the fabric of the sleeve.

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  1. So do you still want a pretty compression sleeve?