Thursday, August 4, 2011

Follow Up Doctor Visit

I went to the doctor for a check up. He asked if I wanted to do my blood work before I came in so he could discuss the results with him. I said it would be no problem, I could do it. Thirty minutes into my drive to his office I remembered I about the blood work. When I got there, they asked about it, and then took a blood sample. I did remember to use the numbing cream so when the nurse flushed my port it would not hurt. When the doctor came in he gently asked if I wanted to try to do my blood work before, or just wait and have them do it at the office. I would have to wait longer for some of the results, since they only can do some tests at his office. I opted to just have them take the blood sample there.

My doctor said everything looks great. I showed him the lymphedema, and he wrote me a referral to the specialist. He seems pretty optimistic about my recovery and long term survival rate. I did follow up visits last time I had cancer, and everything always looked great until it came back. It is hard to think about the future or plan too far ahead. Luckily I have lots of good things to think about right now – my dear family and friends, energy to play, enjoying the warm weather, doing my hair, listening to others, tasting food, painting my fingernails, and so on.

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  1. Are you able to taste food again? That is a blessing! how long will you have to wear the port? What trial did you not learn last time? Maybe you have learned it this time! I know you will be with us forever. The world needs more people like you and you are now able to help so many more. Your trials will bless the lives of many including mine. Thanks for all you do!